Yelich hits grand slam in Brewers' 13-1 win | Braves-Brewers Game Highlights 7/16/19


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  • The Vanilla Godzilla
    The Vanilla Godzilla  4 weeks back

    Stud from my hometown. Thousand Oaks, CA.

    • Michael Wang
      Michael Wang  4 weeks back

      Jason Vargas tries to pick off the pitch.. times then gives up a HR, breakdown @t

      • jj ball
        jj ball  1 months back

        This lineup is so capable of doing this often. If they are get on a roll like last season they are dangerous

        • Edster III
          Edster III  1 months back

          Christian Yelich is by far the Brewers MVP, and for the 2nd year possibly the league MVP. His bat is LETHAL. His speed is deceptive, and his glove and arm are top notch as well. The guy is truly incredible.

          • WalterV
            WalterV  1 months back

            Yelich can only hit at home. On the road jesus christ.

            • 之后夏天
              之后夏天  1 months back

              really love yelich profesionalism

              • Roger Anderson
                Roger Anderson  1 months back


                • david james
                  david james  1 months back

                  Counsel is a genius for not using Albers. Now he can use him tomorrow when the game is close!! LMAO

                  • Majik0715
                    Majik0715  1 months back

                    Great win but unless the Brewer pitching situation is addressed the Brewers will struggle.

                    • Timothy Stroud
                      Timothy Stroud  1 months back

                      Yup. The Brewer bullpen is atrocious this year except for Hader.

                  • Stutter of the House
                    Stutter of the House  1 months back

                    Go ahead and send Bryce Wilson back down, he isn't ready and he doesnt have good command at all. Regardless, Braves can't win every game. Woodruff pitched fantastic, so I'm not shocked we lost either.

                    • GamingGeek 820
                      GamingGeek 820  1 months back

                      I'm a braves fan...

                      • CJ J
                        CJ J  1 months back

                        I'm sorry.

                      • Majik0715
                        Majik0715  1 months back

                        @Godlikelobster01 Being from Wisconsin I'm a Brewer Fan first and Braves fan second because they were once Milwaukee.

                      • Godlikelobster01
                        Godlikelobster01  1 months back

                        Big oof

                    • Brandon Cox
                      Brandon Cox  1 months back

                      Hey MLB, you forgot Monday's game where the Braves won 4-2. The video is already made, you just have to upload it.

                    • Brendan Villafane
                      Brendan Villafane  1 months back

                      Now the brewers need to go on a winning streak to get to the spot they are supposed to be in first place.

                      • GreenDay1981
                        GreenDay1981  1 months back

                        Bryce Wilson does not belong in the majors. I think his days are numbered anyway cause I bet the Braves will make a trade for a quality starting pitcher before the deadline. Wilson might be part of the deal.

                        • Kenny W
                          Kenny W  1 months back

                          Yelich in the game:

                          - had an outfield assist to cut down Markakis
                          - Drew a walk and came around to score
                          - Drew another walk, and then…
                          - Stole third to extend his league lead in steals…
                          - And scored on a wild pitch because of his speed and great jump
                          - Hit a grand slam

                          Whenever the Brewers win, Yelich is a big part of it.

                          • Kenny W
                            Kenny W  4 weeks back

                            Jordan Schwarzlose Ever heard of Hader, Grandal, Moustakas, Braun, Huira, Woodruff, or Cain?

                          • Shane Rosploch
                            Shane Rosploch  4 weeks back

                            Jordan Schwarzlose they play two completely different positions 😂 can’t even compare there defenses cuz you don’t know how Yelich fields balls and you don’t how Baez’s eyes are on tracking down and getting a bead on line drive/fly balls lmao both great at there positions none the less

                          • Jordan Schwarzlose
                            Jordan Schwarzlose  4 weeks back

                            Yelich is the only good player on that team. And ya his defense is nothing to Baez.

                          • Nicholas Gilbert
                            Nicholas Gilbert  1 months back

                            @Edster III he is not the best all-around player. Javy Baez is better on defense

                          • Edster III
                            Edster III  1 months back

                            Yelich IS the MVP. He can really do it ALL. He has a wicked swing, a great eye for the ball, massive power, deceptive speed, a gold glove, and again a bat that can hit the ball anywhere. Yelich reminds me of Robin Yount but with more power and speed. I am so thankful we got him. The Brewers better keep him on the team. The scary part is he's young enough that he can still get even better. #yelichmvp

                        • AmeagleWard
                          AmeagleWard  1 months back

                          This is one way to snap a 5 game winning streak. Ouch

                          • Tyler Kasuboski
                            Tyler Kasuboski  1 months back

                            Another great start from Brandon Woodruff.

                            • Joaquin Nieto
                              Joaquin Nieto  1 months back

                              The real question is: where are the highlights from Monday 😂🙄?

                              • Jamie McClurd
                                Jamie McClurd  1 months back

                                I've been thinking the same thing.

                              • djw80158
                                djw80158  1 months back

                                It's available on either team's website/video tab. Scroll for 7/15. They never loaded that one to YouTube for some odd reason...

                              • Dylan Carelock
                                Dylan Carelock  1 months back

                                Joaquin Nieto idk I was looking for it

                            • Parke Obrien
                              Parke Obrien  1 months back

                              I would bat Hirua leadoff.With Yelich hitting second it would be a dynamic duo!

                              • david james
                                david james  1 months back

                                Parke Obrien And Fat Albers in the 3 hole. He is a great pitcher according to Counsel. So lets see what else he is great at

                            • 浪人銀狼鍾會subaru
                              浪人銀狼鍾會subaru  1 months back

                              Yelich wow!

                              • CJ J
                                CJ J  1 months back

                                "3 hit night for Hiura." Get used to saying that a LOT.

                                • CJ J
                                  CJ J  1 months back

                                  @Pepe The Packer Fan As I said, he's developed more power. I saw someone that would hit for a crazy high average with a ton of doubles. 50 plus doubles a season. Keep in mind only one player hit more than 50 doubles in the Majors last season. It looks like some of those projected doubles will now be home runs.

                                • Pepe The Packer Fan
                                  Pepe The Packer Fan  1 months back

                                  CJ J single digit homers? He already has 9, and he hasn’t played that much in the majors so far.

                                • Sarah Van Ginkle
                                  Sarah Van Ginkle  1 months back

                                  @CJ J im a brewers fan

                                • Fire Dog
                                  Fire Dog  1 months back

                                  Sarah Van Ginkle uhhh who r those....

                                • Fire Dog
                                  Fire Dog  1 months back

                                  Andrew Fischbach as a cubs fan, hiura is one of my favorite players