Lopez, Junis lead Royals to a 5-2 victory | White Sox-Royals Game Highlights 7/15/19


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  • Henry Fanelli
    Henry Fanelli  1 months back

    Sox are in a hitting coma since the all star break. 7 runs in 4 games is pathetic!!! Sox management needs a total clean out. When does this misery end?

    • james robbins
      james robbins  1 months back

      @Ulysses432 The mistakes/idiocy by the FO highly outweighs the positives they've done recently.

    • Ulysses432
      Ulysses432  1 months back

      The same Sox management that's picked up Abreu, Moncada, McCann and Eloy? Jesus....some fans have the memory of a moth.

    • james robbins
      james robbins  1 months back

      The Sox get lazy when they have a break. They need to just keep playing and they'll get back in the groove

    • Anthony Roic
      Anthony Roic  1 months back

      When the white sox go away as a team. Thats when your suffering ends.

  • MrBlackFabio
    MrBlackFabio  1 months back

    Sox need to beat the bottom feeding teams if they want to take the next step.

    • david sha
      david sha  1 months back

      Jose Abreu has been a double play machine

      • Random videos/ baseball
        Random videos/ baseball  1 months back

        Mlb please get sync I see the ball come off the bat wait a second than hear it

        • randomdude476
          randomdude476  1 months back

          2:00 Maldonado’s last hit as a Royal

          • Patches O'Houlihan
            Patches O'Houlihan  1 months back

            AJ Reed or Palka? Either way you're getting trash.

            • Kennedy Campbell
              Kennedy Campbell  1 months back


            • Sir Salty
              Sir Salty  1 months back

              Take this L big daddy rich.

              • Godlikelobster01
                Godlikelobster01  1 months back

                Patches O'Houlihan Bro the Reds are in dead last and yet they still keep beating the cubs. Just one of the crazy things baseball is about.

              • Patches O'Houlihan
                Patches O'Houlihan  1 months back

                Salty about the Cubbies getting owned by the Reds this year?