Santana's clutch homer powers Indians to win | Twins-Indians Game Highlights 7/14/19


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  • MrTwinsrule
    MrTwinsrule  1 months back

    This was a huge series.
    Could of been the turning point for both teams
    Clevland is the hottest team going in this series.
    But the Twins grab 2 .
    I still think Cleveland will tie or take a short lead on the twins. But in the end the Twins should be able to recover when / if they can get thier starters back.
    Go twins!

    • 13th Exit
      13th Exit  1 months back


      • Sammiexkay
        Sammiexkay  1 months back

        Go Indians

        • Border Reiver
          Border Reiver  1 months back

          how can they walk two batters just because the ball hit the button end of the bat...did not hit the batters so a strange ruling...

          • Dorismar Perez
            Dorismar Perez  1 months back


            • michael bodell
              michael bodell  1 months back

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              • SuperHamrick94
                SuperHamrick94  1 months back

                those 2 reviews that were wrong calls make me mad just watching this. how do you miss that??

                • Jose Delgado
                  Jose Delgado  1 months back

                  Let's go!!!

                  • Colinster 327
                    Colinster 327  1 months back

                    Let's go Cleveland 💪

                    • Ryan Damon
                      Ryan Damon  1 months back

                      Who win
                      Like and comment

                      • iz thefaithful
                        iz thefaithful  1 months back

                        Indians fans finally show up after 2 days of loses 😂
                        Pretty quiet for awhile there 😂

                      • Pokemon Go
                        Pokemon Go  1 months back

                        Twins fans out here acting like they have a godly team but we all know they won’t do anything in October just like the Indians

                        • Fire Dolphin
                          Fire Dolphin  1 months back

                          @Charles Johnson I'll give you Rogers

                        • Noah Rogers
                          Noah Rogers  1 months back

                          Us twins fans know our place. We’ve never been good before, and now this year we are. You don’t have to be obnoxious about it.

                        • Charles Johnson
                          Charles Johnson  1 months back

                          @Fire Dolphin no dominant bullpen guys? Taylor Rogers?

                        • Fire Dolphin
                          Fire Dolphin  1 months back

                          Twins pitching is overachieving IMO. Guys like Odorizzi and Perez have to regress and there's no real dominant guys in the backend of the bullpen. That offense has also carried them at times.

                        • iz thefaithful
                          iz thefaithful  1 months back

                          Pokemon Go 🧂

                      • Baseball Corner
                        Baseball Corner  1 months back

                        Hitting the knob of the bat twice in one inning?? That's Nuts!

                        • King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me

                          At least my Twins took too of three from cleveland

                          • Ibraheem Rao
                            Ibraheem Rao  1 months back

                            A sweep by Cleveland in this series would have really helped their chances of making a push in the American League Central

                            • Snip3r Assassain
                              Snip3r Assassain  1 months back

                              Ibraheem Rao they have a chance but I see it happening the twins are having a great season and I don’t see that ending anytime soon

                          • Christel Headington
                            Christel Headington  1 months back

                            Leave to Bieber...Go Tribe

                            • ryan ramey
                              ryan ramey  1 months back

                              Go Indians

                              • Indians Fan 100
                                Indians Fan 100  1 months back

                                Not gonna lie the umps were just clones of angel Hernandez

                                • Kaleon Mooney
                                  Kaleon Mooney  1 months back

                                  @TheMoezilla 🤡

                                • F B I
                                  F B I  1 months back

                                  Indians Fan 100 i was there I know right lol.

                                • TheMoezilla
                                  TheMoezilla  1 months back

                                  Pretty sure you should be directing your anger towards the replay office in New York....P.S. your team won and prevented the sweep. Take the consolation prize with humility.

                              • Ellie Taylor
                                Ellie Taylor  1 months back

                                The Twins still won the series🙂 They were also missing important players who are on the IL.

                                • Ellie Taylor
                                  Ellie Taylor  1 months back

                                  Mister Woodie OMG 2 pitchers who don’t play everyday. 🙄 The Twins had like 9 injury’s the last 3 weeks of the first half. Most of those players were players that can hit the ball. When a player would get off the IL another would go on the same day. We are still missing Cron and Rosario who are really good. Oh and Buxton I don’t really know anything on how Buxton is doing but yah.

                                • Mister Woodie
                                  Mister Woodie  1 months back

                                  @Ellie Taylor the indians are missing their top 2 pitchers. The twins have come back down to earth recently we'll see where this race is at down the road. There's plenty of baseball left.

                                • Paul Turnbloom
                                  Paul Turnbloom  1 months back

                                  @Creator278 And 1 or 2 teams finishing with .630 was actually just in the last few years. Between 2005-2015 there were only 3 teams *total* who finished at or above .630

                                • iz thefaithful
                                  iz thefaithful  1 months back

                                  Kameron Manning forgot how the Twins slapped around Tampa Bay pretty good lol

                                • Paul Turnbloom
                                  Paul Turnbloom  1 months back

                                  @Creator278 Hahaha, what are you talking about? Go back through the end-of-year records and count how many teams have ended the season at or above .630. It's like 1 or 2 teams per year. .630 is a very good percentage.

                                  Oh, and 4th out of 30 is BY DEFINITION NOT SUBPAR.

                              • Logan Lavigna
                                Logan Lavigna  1 months back

                                The umps were awful go Indians

                              • One Last Hit
                                One Last Hit  1 months back

                                twins fans are booing, who cares, Cleveland wins 4-3

                                • A W
                                  A W  1 months back

                                  Lauren Berg 3 games behind...

                                • Lauren Berg
                                  Lauren Berg  1 months back

                                  But who still won the series and leads the division? Indians are still multiple games behind. If I were you, I wouldn’t be talking.

                                • wordup2yourmother
                                  wordup2yourmother  1 months back

                                  Who won the series and has the division lead?

                                • iz thefaithful
                                  iz thefaithful  1 months back

                                  One Last Hit lol yup

                                • Kevin Daugherty
                                  Kevin Daugherty  1 months back

                                  @Lucid Dreams Massive L

                              • B skrillz
                                B skrillz  1 months back

                                go indians!!!!!

                                • SKOR North
                                  SKOR North  1 months back

                                  *And the Twins took 2 of 3

                                  • Natearl13
                                    Natearl13  1 months back

                                    Creator278 Average? What are you smoking?

                                  • Creator278
                                    Creator278  1 months back

                                    And they'll choke because they average

                                • C Jizzle BMG
                                  C Jizzle BMG  1 months back

                                  Niceeee 🔥💯💪🏾 #GoIndians #GoTribe

                                  • Marcus Pedroza Vlogs
                                    Marcus Pedroza Vlogs  1 months back

                                    This was 👌👌👌

                                    • iz thefaithful
                                      iz thefaithful  1 months back

                                      Although twins lost this one they took the series in Cleveland that was huge

                                      • Kaleon Mooney
                                        Kaleon Mooney  2 weeks back

                                        @tim allenGet out of here. Your probably like 50, looking for little kids.

                                      • tim allen
                                        tim allen  2 weeks back

                                        @Kaleon Mooney so funny we took the season series against the Astros and you didnt but you clowns match up better? Funny!

                                      • tim allen
                                        tim allen  2 weeks back

                                        @Kaleon Mooney yeah yeah you cocksuckers wont get in

                                      • tim allen
                                        tim allen  2 weeks back

                                        @A W playing the Royals twice in a week helped you . Funny you guys were playing the bottom dwellers while the Twins were playing contenders the last few weeks . You got 4 at Target field this week . Win 3of 4 and you are in good shape . Split the series and no harm no foul but if the Twins take 3 of 4 at home??????you guys are toast

                                      • tim allen
                                        tim allen  2 weeks back

                                        @Kaleon Mooney well the TWINS took the season series from the Astros ..........just sayin

                                    • Ethan Hewitt
                                      Ethan Hewitt  1 months back

                                      Go Cubbies

                                    • Donna Kriner
                                      Donna Kriner  1 months back