Bellinger Clobbers 2 home runs against Philadelphia

  • Published: 16 July 2019
  • Cody Bellinger continued his hot streak with two home runs against the Philadelphia Phillies

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Comments • 61

  • Jordan Parada - Ponce
    Jordan Parada - Ponce  3 weeks back

    bely and joc the best team

    • Jarod Barnfather
      Jarod Barnfather  1 months back


      • GodlyGamer _
        GodlyGamer _  1 months back

        Haha we won last night tho but no disrespect I cheered for you guys in the World Series

        • Craig Johnson
          Craig Johnson  1 months back

          Man I love CB's swing! SAAA...WEEE...TTTT! Thank you MLB

          • djimenez789
            djimenez789  1 months back


            • BEHEDETY
              BEHEDETY  1 months back

              That swing!

              • Mr. Buttermaker
                Mr. Buttermaker  1 months back

                1988 😂

                • Earthstrongestkrew Coronando

                  Lol 3 haters

                  • TriStar
                    TriStar  1 months back

                    I’m glad we have god on our team.

                    • K-RAW
                      K-RAW  1 months back


                      • Bongo Cat
                        Bongo Cat  1 months back

                        i thought kingery was a shortstop?

                        • Sooofligh
                          Sooofligh  1 months back

                          is it me or does the ball sound different off the bat??

                          • Ryan
                            Ryan  1 months back

                            yup. juiced balls.

                        • The Bot Gaming
                          The Bot Gaming  1 months back

                          And yelich lost his only stat better than belli

                        • Jobu Jobu
                          Jobu Jobu  1 months back

                          I think we all know him & the pitching will lead the dodgers to world series and win it this time.

                          • _ŞаHLт _
                            _ŞаHLт _  1 months back

                            Jobu Jobu 3rd Times a charm 😂

                        • NOMO FOMO
                          NOMO FOMO  1 months back

                          You should post all the hits from this game. The entire squad delivered.

                          • Savage Gun bunny
                            Savage Gun bunny  1 months back

                            MVP! MVP! MVP!
                            MVP! MVP! MVP!

                            MVP! MVP! MVP!
                            MVP! MVP! MVP!

                            • Andrew Holmes
                              Andrew Holmes  1 months back

                              Yeli homered again today in first AB. He must’ve read your comment 😂.

                            • Andrew Holmes
                              Andrew Holmes  1 months back

                              If you look at the stats, they are eerily similar. Before Belli’s 2 dinger game, Yelich was better if you look at the basic categories . Now their almost identical. I think Yelich is going to pull it out if the Brewers win the division. Just look at Belli and Yeli last year. I think we know who won MVP then.

                            • Cesar Suarez
                              Cesar Suarez  1 months back

                              Andrew Holmes the stats don’t show it tho😂

                            • Andrew Holmes
                              Andrew Holmes  1 months back

                              Nah… Yeli is better (not a fan of LA or MIL

                          • WOW !
                            WOW !  1 months back

                            Dodger fans taking over opposing stadiums lol

                            • _ŞаHLт _
                              _ŞаHLт _  1 months back

                              WOW ! Not in the astros stadium 😂

                            • Erik Delgado
                              Erik Delgado  1 months back

                              Just Jazzed They took over Yankee Stadium a few years ago too 😂😂

                            • Just Jazzed
                              Just Jazzed  1 months back

                              Wait until the Yankees go to dodger stadium

                          • Richard Rodriguez
                            Richard Rodriguez  1 months back

                            MVP! MVP! MVP! Go Dodgers!

                            • Nathaniel Nathaniel
                              Nathaniel Nathaniel  1 months back

                              We Dodger fans represent everywhere, best fanbase ever!

                              • Gavin Douglas
                                Gavin Douglas  1 months back

                                Nathaniel Nathaniel no St. Louis is

                              • snipz127
                                snipz127  1 months back

                                bunch of fairweathers

                              • Andrew Holmes
                                Andrew Holmes  1 months back

                                I disagree

                              • EeeeZeee
                                EeeeZeee  1 months back

                                Just like Lakers fans....we are EVERYWHERE! #WeANation

                            • Niel Marshal
                              Niel Marshal  1 months back

                              And the Phillies signed Harper for 330M LOL

                              • I don’t know a name
                                I don’t know a name  1 months back

                                MrOasis316 mlb free agency is confusing so I don’t really know,but I think he will probably get a contract when his contract is over.The dodgers do have control over him.

                              • MrOasis316
                                MrOasis316  1 months back

                                I don’t know a name will he get a massive contract next year? I mean if he wins MVP this year surely he deserves one of the best contracts in the MLB he has been fantastic since he came to the league and he haven’t gotten paid at all.

                              • I don’t know a name
                                I don’t know a name  1 months back

                                MrOasis316 it’s the same with Aaron judge too

                              • I don’t know a name
                                I don’t know a name  1 months back

                                MrOasis316 I think it’s because he as called up 2 years ago,so that’s why his contract is less then 600k.

                              • MrOasis316
                                MrOasis316  1 months back

                                Niel Marshal are you serious lol? That’s gotta be the worst contract in sports. Will Cody at least get a new huge contract for the start of next season?

                            • Viola T. Alexander
                              Viola T. Alexander  1 months back

                              m! v! p!

                              • MrUHOH415
                                MrUHOH415  1 months back

                                So much for putting up that thing where it said that Bellinger had No RBI’s against philly

                                • Angel Espinoza
                                  Angel Espinoza  1 months back


                                  • papú escanor
                                    papú escanor  1 months back

                                    Like: cody bellinger💙
                                    Comenta: yelic💙

                                    • Bigwill 1337
                                      Bigwill 1337  1 months back

                                      Cody belli a fken beast!

                                      • WalterV
                                        WalterV  1 months back

                                        even the old lady had a reaction to the swing.

                                        • Jobu Jobu
                                          Jobu Jobu  1 months back

                                          😂😂 its funny you noticed that because old people that sit in the front seats are like zombies no excitement in them just slow claps

                                      • Tanner Cryden
                                        Tanner Cryden  1 months back

                                        There it goesssss. Im Joe Davissssshh

                                        • Damean Mendez
                                          Damean Mendez  1 months back


                                        • Alan Perez
                                          Alan Perez  1 months back

                                          Dodgers home game??? Lol

                                          • iClevor YT
                                            iClevor YT  1 months back

                                            MVP MVP MVP MVP

                                            • True. Rondi
                                              True. Rondi  1 months back

                                              👏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 wow one day i wanna be in the MLB thats always been my dream to be like this, and i am so good 😔

                                              • True. Rondi
                                                True. Rondi  1 months back

                                                Craig Johnson 🙏🏿🙏🏿 tyy

                                              • Craig Johnson
                                                Craig Johnson  1 months back

                                                Every day say just those words to yourself and then Outwork everyone, staying focused and especially humble and you'll get to the Show/MLB! I'll be praying for you

                                            • Ricky
                                              Ricky  1 months back