[IDOL RADIO] 하성운이 부르는 "Blue" ♬♪


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  • Amina Haris
    Amina Haris  4 weeks back

    Cloud fighting! !!!!!

    • CL
      CL  1 months back

      하성운 귀엽다가 무대할때는 초집중 예민해지는거 왤케 발리냐 존잘하성운 블루 노래 안무 다 최고

      • Shin Sheila
        Shin Sheila  1 months back


        • Siptarahma Satwika
          Siptarahma Satwika  1 months back

          Visual √
          Vocal √
          Dance √
          He's perfect:)

          • Kyumune
            Kyumune  1 months back

            Ha Sungwoon: "Can you get away?"
            Me: No I'm gonna go into a "deep dive" into the HA:NEUL fandom and spread the love and support of Ha Sungwoon! <3

            • Lorrayne Kellen
              Lorrayne Kellen  1 months back

              I Love Sungwoon ❤❤

              • John's Banana Nana
                John's Banana Nana  1 months back

                I love sungwoo so much. He so talented.

                • erika joong
                  erika joong  1 months back

                  Baby purple, not blue:D

                  • Kyumune
                    Kyumune  1 months back

                    I just found out that it could be representing the 'Cosmic Sky' colour out of the three fandom colours

                  • Kyumune
                    Kyumune  1 months back

                    It suits him nicely 😊💜 Even though 'Forever Blue' is one of the official fandom colours and the song is 'Blue' lol