Out of the Park Baseball at the 2019 MLB All-Star Game


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  • burskeboy YT
    burskeboy YT  4 weeks back

    Played this game all year super fun. Could still use some tweaks but overall a great game for baseball nerds.

    • majin shuu
      majin shuu  1 months back

      Deepest franchise mode and customization in any sports title, period

      • Sean Blu Digital
        Sean Blu Digital  1 months back

        It's Jackie from the NHL Network! 🔥💛🔥

        • CptRoboto
          CptRoboto  1 months back

          Someone let the Player One Podcast know their boy Rich is baseball famous now #p1podcast

          • OOTPDevelopments
            OOTPDevelopments  1 months back

            Oh, he's already well aware of his current level of fame :)

        • Larry Hernandez
          Larry Hernandez  1 months back

          Where can I purchase that game?

          • Snaggle J
            Snaggle J  1 months back

            It's on Steam, Origin, Mac App store and OOTPDevelopments.com

          • Josh
            Josh  1 months back

            On the steam store

        • Doop Woop
          Doop Woop  1 months back

          Pin me

          • TheMonroe654HD
            TheMonroe654HD  1 months back

            I know the MLB made this game but The Show whatever year is approximately 99 times better.

            • nickwatic
              nickwatic  4 weeks back

              MLB did not make OOTPB. Markus and OOTPD did

            • Brad Cook
              Brad Cook  1 months back

              @TheMonroe654HD MLB has nothing to do with OOTP, other than granting them a license.

            • majin shuu
              majin shuu  1 months back

              The show is better for casual gamers yes. Ootp is more of a hardcore strategy game

            • Chris Headley
              Chris Headley  1 months back

              Different types of games. The Show is about gameplay, OOTP is about management simulation. Can't really compare. And OOTP has been around 20 years :)

            • OOTPDevelopments
              OOTPDevelopments  1 months back

              @falasquito thats right, in fact, thats version 20 we're showcasing in this video!

          • Man Cheetah Cards
            Man Cheetah Cards  1 months back

            @mlb how many likes for a free version of OOTP?

            • majin shuu
              majin shuu  1 months back

              Man Cheetah Cards ootp go is going to be free on ios/android

          • UnderdogIQ22
            UnderdogIQ22  1 months back

            Who is she. I love her balls.

            • Caleb Dalton
              Caleb Dalton  1 months back


              • Lil Mystique
                Lil Mystique  1 months back

                🚫 *Stop scrolling* ✋

                *You now have good luck for 7 days✨ łíké this comment lf u stopped scrolling*

                (I make music btw. Tell me what u think 💯)